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BizTalk Siebel Adapter Error Resolution

At work we’ve been seeing the following error with the BizTalk Siebel Adapter (BizTalk Server 2006) quite frequently:

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

The first time it happened, I immediately presumed that the error was accurate, and notified the Siebel system administrator that something seemed to be wrong with the Siebel server. After checking things out he told me I was mistaken, and that everything was fine.

We have a host instance dedicated to the Siebel adapter, so I simply restarted it and found that things returned to normal again… at least for a few more hours. The error would then reoccur, and so forth. This particular error worried me quite a bit because it meant that a crucial business process was halted as a result. In consequence, a great deal of work was required by the business users to manually redo the process that had failed. Ouch.

Over a course of two weeks I tried all sorts of things. I couldn’t find any articles on the internet that described my problem, and I ended up setting up a scheduled task to restart the SiebelHost every 30 minutes. This worked for the most part, but of course was very sloppy fix. While this was happening I put in a ticket to Microsoft for help.

After 2-3 of days I got a call from Microsoft’s support team (Sajid is really helpful by the way), with an idea to try and help. Here’s the substance of the email:

To fix this issue, create a DWord registry value in the registry for the key HKLM\software\Microsoft\BizTalkAdapters\New Reg Value : StartAgentSleep
Type: DWord
Value : 1000 (Decimal) measured in Milli secondsThe value is configurable and can change according to machines and to different users. 1000 is the value which Microsoft had tried with another customer and seemed to work. 1000 Ms of time = 1 sec.

Setting this causes the adapter to wait longer than the default timeout for the browsingagent.exe or runtimeagent.exe process to prepare itself to talk to the adapter.

So I gave it a whiz and guess what?  Problems solved. We’ve now been up for about five consecutive days without seeing the problem reoccur.

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