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New CT Online Ordering Website

J&D Electronics is a South Korean manufacturer that has a new online presence at jdmetering.com.  I’ve perused their website and found it pretty easy to use.


Here are a few things that stood out to me:

  1. They have a 100/5A CT that is very small (24 mm opening), which is unique.
  2. Their spec sheets are typically very detailed; it’s always nice to have more information rather than not enough.
  3. They have a very economical Aac to Vdc transducer.  See the JSXXX-V and JSXXX-VH series.
  4. They offer a lot of products and product categories.  They seem to be quite the one-stop place to go for anything current transducer or transformer related.

Interestingly enough the website is available in Spanish as well.

Currently they don’t seem to offer very many power meters, but I suppose that could change.

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